#3D Modeling #Product Design

There is a group of children who had a traumatic experience and then developed as a mental health disorder. Children with PTSD are suffering an extremely painful period in their lives. In order to draw more attention to them, a series of interactive toys are designed to get more people involved and let them become familiar with children with PTSD. A more ideal and open society needs people’s understanding and support.


Toy Design

According to my research, I summarized several causes of PTSD in children and visualized them by the use of abstract forms and shapes. After that, I designed a series of interactive toys, including an egg shape “package” and a child inside for each one. The shape of an egg represents a new life which is pure and complete. However, when people open it, they will find an injured child with a deformed body inside. I want to present this contrast between the appearance and the inside of children. In addition, children who have experienced PTSD look like everyone else most of the time, but when a certain stimulus appears, multiple symptoms begin to manifest. This kind of stimulation can be very common, so the process of opening the eggs may trigger their switch.



A serialized newspaper: PTSD IN CHILDREN is published every month. The purpose of this publication is to publicize some cases and news about PTSD.