#Book Design #2019

Color is everywhere. It is full of our daily lives.
Every thing we can see, touch and experience has its unique color, even our dreams.
What’s the color of dreams? When we think of dreams, we think of unrealistic, romantic…sometimes horrifying. Although dreams are so abstract, people are still trying to analyze and explain dreams by using a more literal way. Sigmund Freud, one of the most important psychologists in history, wrote the book called The Interpretation of Dreams in 1899. Since then more people started to understand dreams in a rational and scientific way.


After 120 years ago, I want to present dreams by combing a kind of visual language. What are the dreams look like? What’s the color, the shape of dreams? What kind of images in our mind when we talk about dreams? We all have different experiences and memories about dreams. For me, dreams are wonderful. Everything that cannot happen in real life happens in dreams. Dreams give me inspiration, but also give me strength and warmth. All beautiful colors, images and adjectives can describe them. Dreams are always incomplete, they are made up of countless pieces of memory. Dreams are not continuous, but they never repeat.


Dreamachine redesigned a chapter of The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud. Using a magazine-style typography and a series of visual language about dreams to provide a new kind of reading experience for readers. This new version makes the original abstract and complicated articles more interesting to read.

Hope you enjoy it, and have a good dream!