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An increasing number of people need to travel long distances through multiple time zones for study and work. Whenever they cross multiple time zones, their bodies experience various uncomfortable reactions, such as jet lag related hunger. A cafeteria brand Lady Lag is designed to relieve jet lag and its related hunger. The entire project will be displayed through logo design, packaging design and user interface design.

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#Logo Design

A series of visual identities is designed for a brand called Lady Lag.


Lady Lag

Lady Lag is a chain cafeteria located at airports around the world. These cafeterias help people who are experiencing Jet Lag to adapt to a new time zone quickly and adjust their circadian rhythm by providing them well-balanced food. Their target people are those who often have to travel on long-distance planes because of study and work.



Based on the logo, color palette and other visual elements, packages are designed by continuing to use the previous style. The lunch box of Lady Lag has three layers totally, and each layer represents and contains different kinds of food. For example, the red one contains food rich in protein, healthy fats; the yellow one contains food rich in carbohydrates and fibers, and food rich in water and vitamins is placed in the green box. The geometric shapes which are used for each layer come from food in that color. The purpose of this design is to guide people to have a well-balanced diet. Having a scientific and nutritious meal is an effective way to recover tiredness duringthe journey.


User Interface Design

A mobile app--Lady Lag is designed to provide people with a convenient way to order food. The cafeteria is located in the airport, people can enjoy nutritious food after getting off the plane; however, Lady Lag also provides delivery and takeaway services. In just a few steps, people can order food on their phones.