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Sumo is one of Japan’s most well-known sports, and it has already become a part of Japanese culture. To attract an increasing number of people interested in this sport, including young people and foreigners, a series of visual identities is designed for Grand Sumo Tournaments. Grand Sumo Tournaments is the most important sumo competition in Japan every year. A set of typefaces is designed by simplifying the features and characteristics of sumo wrestlers. The entire project includes typeface, ticket, handbook, sticker, fan, sumo events calendar for 2021, several posters and a short promotional video for Grand Sumo Tournaments.

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Typeface Design

Using the circle as a start point, the typeface for sumo also employs other elements, including metal and gold balloons. The conflict between these two textures represents the characteristic of sumo wrestlers. Metal means sumo wrestlers are powerful and heavy; on the contrary, their bodies are as soft as balloons. The use of gold color is related to the color of the sumo arena and sumo wrestlers’ skin. 


Handbook & Ticket

The ticket has two parts, a ticker with a sticker on it. The seat number is covered by a sticker at first, in order to protect people’s privacy. When people receive it, they can tear off the stickers to check their seat number and put them on their clothes as a sign of admission.


Calendar Design

A sumo events calendar of 2021 contains 12 illustrations of sumo wrestlers. The style of illustrations keeps the previous idea which is using a series of organized structure lines to make it three-dimensional. Six months of the year are competition months, and the other rest of the months are no competition months. The use of different colors and different poses of the sumo wrestlers are based on that. Sumo wrestlers make a traditional game pose on the pages of competition months; on the contrary, they make a more relaxed posture on the pages without competition, such as reading, eating and sleeping.

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