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In modern society, because of work, lifestyles, or aesthetics, young people develop a series of habits. If they continue to maintain such habits for a long time, these habits will leave marks on their bodies and cause some negative effects. Because these “new” habits did not exist in their previous generation, no one knows what their bodies will become when they get old. A series of illustrations depict how people will look like in a future nursing home. I want to draw people’s attention and let them think about this issue seriously in a humorous way.

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Time is magic. Time can heal some injuries, or make them worse. A seemingly ordinary habit does not have any bad effects currently. However, if you stick to this habit for a long time, years or even decades, the result will be completely different. When people repeat these habits again and again, their bodies are quietly changing. I hope people can notice this before things go bad. Otherwise, when they get old and are sent to the future nursing home, they will have many symptoms.



The interactive website is designed to connect and communicate with audiences. This web page, which is updated in real time, allows viewers to participate and modify. It makes them feel like they are a part of the community and find their groups. Each icon on this web page is clickable. When viewers define themselves according to their habits and click one of them, a new icon will be added on the page automatically. And then based on their previous decision, a new window will pop up above the home page to complete this interaction.

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Future Nursing Home

Because the topic is serious, I want to depict it playfully. I exaggerated and deformed the body of figures to make them unique and recognizable. The use of curves means that they are sick and elderly. I explored this unique style of illustration from multiple versions of thumbnails and applied it throughout the series to keep them consistent. Considering my target audiences are young people, I used high saturated colors and complementary colors in my illustrations.